HALION SONIC Missing PlugIn Instrument


I have the following problem :
I’m using Cubase sx 6.5 on two pcs. Lately I formated the 2nd pc (a laptop), on which I reinstalled cubase. The halion Sonic library is not avaiable anymore on this pc.

I’m currently working on a project in which I use this library. I became aware of the problem when it was to late : I’m now on the island Tahiti and I will not have acess to my first pc until in 6 months, but I have to finish the project that I transferd on the 2nd pc. I can open the project but the Halion Sonic VST Instrument is missing.

On the Plugin information of the project, the Categorie is : Missing Instrument.

I also don’t find the halion Sonic .dll-file that I could copy into the Vstplugin folder.

Support would be highly appreciate

Kind regards