Halion Sonic missing samples when you choose a category. Here is the solution

If this happens to you. Be sure you have no trial versions but these directions work.

  1. Quit all running Applications including Cubase.

  2. Hover over or right-click the start tile (lower-left corner by default) and right-click and choose file explorer

  3. Navigate to C: > Users >“Your Folder” > AppData* > Roaming > Steinberg

  4. Move any folder with Halion in the name to the desktop leaving no Halion titled folders behind.

  5. Launch Cubase and test again.

We can undo these changes if necessary by repeating the steps but moving the folders in step 4 back to their original locations replacing any new ones that were created.

  • AppData is hidden to show follow this.
  1. In the file explorer ribbon click on the View Tab

  2. Put a check in the hidden items box.