Halion Sonic not found please reinstall it

Today I received Halion Sonic (V 2.1.2, full version)and installed it on my PPC (not intel) 2x2.7 Ghz. MAC.OSX 10.5.8
Installation went as usual.
I registered it and it’s on my dongle as well.

I first tried to open it as a standalone; for the first seconds the programm starts to open as usual but a screen pops up with the text " Halion Sonic not found please reinstall it, pressing ok and it quits.

Then I tried opening it in Cubase 5.5.3 and it there it even doesn’t show up in the list of VST instruments…

Now, when more carefully reading the system requirements, the box says: intel core processor :frowning:

Does Halion Sonic work on “old” ppc Mac’s?
Anyone with the same problem or no problem at all?

Thanks in advance!

No one?
Maybe someone knows where the Halion Sonic soundbanks are located? so I can remove/uninstall them…
Any help would be much appreciated!