HALion Sonic not licensed messages

I haven’t bought the license for HALion Sonic since it expired from trial version. I would like the error messages that keep coming up to stop coming up. How do I do that. There are more than one.
I saw something online that said to go into the LIBRARY (Mac OS 10.7.4) and move the HALion Sonic folder out of PLUG INS which is in the AUDIO folder. That didn’t work. I moved into a folder called “Removed-VST-HALion Sonic” folder I created.


If you remove the HALion Sonic from the plug-in list, the Cubase will not check it during starting. So the error message will not display.

Try to open your Plug-In Information in the Cubase, and click to Update button. Is the HALion Sonic still here? If it is, you can easily deactivate it in the “A” (Activity) column.

I went into DEVICES / PLUG IN INFORMATION and turned off HALion Sonic per your instruction and I still get more than one error message about that plug in not being licensed. I can still work in Cubase but it’s just annoying.

Can you see the expired license in your USB dongle? Did you tried to do a maintenance (Elicenser control center) to clean the trial info?

Besides that, did you uninstalled Halion Sonic?

Here is a topic about uninstalling HSO on Mac (but can help you):

Hi there,

here is the link for further information “how to un- install software completely from a Mac”:




I don’t want to do a fresh install…just want to eliminate the trial/demo license. From what you said, this would eliminate the dialog boxes coming up saying I don’t have License for trial version of HALion Sonic. It really gets in the way of the loading of patches when I open I file…I can’t just walk away for a while …have to wait to cancel the dialog box. Went to the links you sent but not clear if just doing a Maintenance would do the trick or how to EXACTLY get rid of the demo.



You need to do two steps:

  1. Run a maintenance in your USB dongle (this will clean all expired demo info)

  2. Uninstall the demo software from your computer (and only the demo software, not full Cubase)

Not to sound like an idiot…but how do I uninstall the demo software?

Steinberg makes it difficult to uninstall their sample apps and the warnings are a pain. i had to contact tech support to get them to tell me how to do it. They REALLY should have an uninstall option.

Man…this is nuts. I’ve read and read about how to keep these error messages from coming but nothing works as I’ve heard others saying. Can’t get the demo license of the eLicensing software, don’t see HALion Sonic in the plug ings…trashed VST files that were on hard drive.


Here is what I did first but I think the main important thing is towards the end…I’m no expert on this stuff but just trying to fight the fight.
1.) Going into the eLicensing software I find no way to get rid of the demo license. The pull down to do that is greyed out. Found many others who had same problem. That was of no use.

2.) Went into Plugins folder in the actual Cubase 6.5 app and didn’t see any HALion Sonic.

Trashed files from HD having read elsewhere to do that…I Think these — think LIBRARY / AUDIO / PLUG INS / VST folder and the HAL folder…don’t remember the exact name of those files…you’ll have to look elsewhere.

I did a screen cap of the error messages. I was getting two. One at start up of software and one on launch of any CUBASE file. I opened the screen capture file and looked for all of the names of things there weren’t licensed. The tricky part was that they weren’t named with the same name. Sometimes there were abbreviations. For safety I copied them all to another drive in case it ends up I trashed important stuff.

I would go back and re-launch CUBASE to see if it worked. Then I’d find a few that I didn’t find which were in a different folder. NOW it all works. They’re just not named in the same way.

Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.34.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.34.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.34.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.34.30 PM.png