Halion sonic not loading few instruments with Cubase 8

After upgrading from Cubase 5 to Cubase 8 recently, ( I re-installed Halion Sonic again), some of the instruments are not loading in the media bay Window. Normally, double clicking on the instrument will load it in the multi program rack, but some (like Warm Strings & Pad, Wide playback strings) do not load, while others load without any issues. I also tried loading it through the stand-alone application (v2.1.2), but faced the same issue.
I did not face any such issues when I was using Cubase 5. I could not find any proper solution / guidance through Google.

It would really great if anyone can help me out.

My s/w and OS details:
Cubase 8 with halion sonic v1.5.0
Windows 7 / 32bit / 8GB RAM

I’d be happy to provide any more details to solve this issue.


Same issue here, just upgraded to version 8 from version 6 which was upgraded from version 5 DVDs, bought absolute collection which comes with Halion Sonic 2 and now after install of Halion Sonic 2 it complains that some audio files are missing. Annoying, looks like people are saying install Sonic 1 and this will fix it, but I don’t have Sonic 1 as it didn’t come with Cubase 5. Why doesn’t steinberg offer a download for these files? Just paid over $600 for half backed software :confused: