Halion Sonic - Pitch problem

I am running Cubase Artist 6.5 on Mac. When I open Halion Sonic SE, all of the instruments are a tone high in pitch ( c is d ). Is there a way to reset?

Interesting … now that I think about it (not near my studio BTW) - I have been dropping by an octave on either my keyboard, or normally I use the inspector…

It’s not a ‘problem’ - but I am curious - are you saying middle C on the HSE is not 261.626 Hz (midi note 60) ?

Aloha r,

If you have them,try disconnecting all outboard devices to your 'puter
(keyboards/controllers etc) then start Cubase/HASE.

Sometimes and external device will still send an errant pitchbend signal and needs to
be physically unplugged and re-plugged.

{hope this helps)

Halion Sonic SE has its own tuning option which can be set directly from the main Halion Sonic GUI. Just check.
The fader should be in middle position.