HALion Sonic Plug-in Update 1.5.2 available

Today we released a new HALion Sonic Plug-in update. The Plug-in update 1.5.2 can be found on the following page:

The new version introduces VST 3.5 context menu support and fixes several minor bugs and performance issues. For further information about the update please check the “What’s new in HALion Sonic 1.5.2 PDF”, which you can find on the corresponding download pages.

Can this update be applied to HALion Sonic SE that comes with Cubase 6?

No, this update is only for the full version HALion Sonic!

Hi Oliver,

I bought the Halion Sonic upgrade from Halion Player. Presumably therefore this plugin is OK for me to use?


Yes, you can apply the update. I have to correct myself. It is for all customers who purchased either the full version or an update of HALion Sonic.

Hello, Went to the update site and noticed the update is for Vista and Windows 7. Will this update work with XP as well ? :question: