Halion Sonic presets is found in Halion browser but is in red in Mediabay + more issues

Hi all,

Cubase 12 Pro:

I did a fairly scattered post yesterday while in the middle of what seemed to be some pretty serious problems. I have since done a lot of work/changes and managed to uninstall and reinstall most things again (I think at least, I have only checked Halion though, not GA and other stock stuff yet).

It all started with Cubase not loading a project - it got stuck loading a particular channel- to the point I had use task manager to abort. After that, upon restarting Cubase, it could not find licenses for certain things such as Flux and maybe 10-12 other things (I wish I had taken a screenshot), which was interesting since the project in question I had to force stop was a mastering project with just WAV files and mastering related plugs. Anyhow, upon restarting it I tried Halion Sonic and it did not work properly.

I was sitting for a long time so I don’t remember exactly what I did but for some reason, while tired and not thinking clearly, on recommendation from someone, I installed the Halion Sonic 7 Collection (somehow justified by thinking “well I have Halion Sonic 7”), and have since had a hard time getting rid of that content but seems to be gone now so it seems.

The only problem that seems to remain as far as I can tell (in Halion) is that what was under “Sonic Selection” is no longer there in Mediabay. When I click on Sonic Selection, all the presets are in red. In Library Manager, it is not there either. But, when I use the browser in Halion, the preset files are there (1410 presets under Halion Sonic SE/Program). So I can open for example Ensemble Strings from the browser, but since it’s in red in Mediabay I can’t open it there. How do I get Mediabay to “rediscover” these files?

I take that back - just now when I went to Mediabay and clicked all, it only show LoFi Piano and 30 presets. No idea what’s going on here. I have reinstalled the Halion contents a number of times and thought it was all good now except for what I just mentioned above.

Any leads welcomed…

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