Halion Sonic problem pls help

I have just baught and installed Halion Sonic as I was using a trial version, during the trail period I baught and installed Dark Planet and Hypnotic Dance etc, now I have Halion Sonic full version installed I cannot access any of the sounds/plugins just a few that came with Halion Sonic. in cubase it states missing plu-ins Halion Sonic SE, have I baught the wrong version of Halion Sonic?

Refresh the hs media browser. The circle arrow near the search field.

Sorry dont understand, where is the hs media browser?

Aloha f,


Page 311: ‘The Media Bay’

Then go to page 327:
The Loop Browser, Sound Browser, and Mini Browser windows

(hope this helps)

I can’t see any circle arrow near any search field, i’ve also checked the manual, still no further forword,can anyone pls help?