Halion Sonic Re-instate Factory "Pro" Libraries

Does anyone know what the quickest method would be to re-instate the ‘PRO’ content library for HSse3? I have the full version on HS3, an upgrade from HS2, but for some reason HSse only sees a tiny portion of the library?
Currently its only the HSE basic content + HSymphonicO + Neo Soul Keys.

I’m thinking that I would have to re-install HS2 :question: or can one directly drop the old libraries in the proper folders?

The Halion Sonic SE Artist, Pro, Hybrid and TRIP libraries are exclusive to Cubase users. If you’re not seeing these, you’ll have to reinstall Cubase. You’ll keep all your settings.

Thanks for that. So I have Cubase 7.5 , 8.5 and 9 installed. Which one contained the .vst /fxp library we’re talking about?
I’m not trying to create a whole lot of unnecessary work- just the shortest path to getting these libraries back… If I only re-install C9 - would that work?

Yes, if it’s the full installer for Cubase 9 (folder should be over 9GB) it will work. If it’s not, I recommend downloading the full installer from your MySteinberg to make sure there wont be any odd issues.

Also note that you might have to reinstall Halion Sonic SE 3 (and the update they released) after reinstalling Cubase 9.

Ok Romantique Tp , so…

It didn’t work :frowning:

I eventually hunted down Cubase 6 - which is the only installer with the HSE Pro & Artist & EXP libraries :exclamation: for some odd reason these are not included after ver6 :question:
The sound files are in the proper content location folder, but I still am unable to see them via Mediabay or HSse3 :question:

I tried reinstalling both HalionSonic 3 and HSse3 - no impact. :unamused:

NB for those thinking that this a tiny nuisance - the real annoyance is when auditioning midi loops in MediaBay and it defaults to a particular patch, e.g. modern elec. bass - which used to be in these libraries exclusively. A work around would be to assign all these loops to the patches now available in the latest version of HalionSonic or Halion. Not a small feat though… :confused:

You must be doing something wrong. The full installer for Cubase Pro and Artist always includes all Halion Sonic SE content. Only the updates don’t have them.

What you probably did was install the Cubase 8.5 -> 9 update installer, not the full one. If you don’t have these files in the Additional Content folder of your Cubase installer, then you’re not using the full installer: http://i.imgur.com/jjvRxV7.png

I don’t know which OS you’re using. If you’re on Windows, try going to the Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall all Halion Sonic SE content, then reinstall using the full Cubase Pro 9 installer downloaded from your MySteinberg. After that, check if the Halion Library Manager program can see the HS SE stuff.


The trick was the full installer with the newer HSE version which installs the files as required by HSse3. Ridiculous having to download 9Gb to install 350Mb :exclamation: :question:

Steinberg, please place these library installers here https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=sound_content_downloads&L=1