Halion Sonic SE (2) and Padshop Crashing Cubase

I’ve had Cubase 8 since it’s release, and Padshop Pro since shortly after. Never had a problem with it or Halion Sonic SE 2 until now.

It seems that I can load and play these instruments fine, but as soon as I play back from the beginning, it pauses, then crashes and exits immediately. It’s not an issue with playback in general, just from the very beginning. Playing back from half a second after the beginning is fine. It also does the same thing with mixing down. Removing Padshop and Halion SE instruments completely resolves the issue, and the crash dumps list these two as the main culprits. They talk about Access Violation errors (c0000005) with Halion and Padshop and an Invalid Pointer Read with Cubase. Don’t know much about what that means but I know it doesn’t sound easy to resolve. Have looked hard online for solutions, I tried upgrading to Sonic SE 3, and even tried reinstalling Halion, but no success. I need to have this resolved asap though because I need to use these instruments for my work at the moment, but Steinberg are taking their time in getting back to me. Anyone have any ideas?