Halion sonic se 2 crash and crashes the project !

I have made a project and worked with it in months . but now when im going to add another Halion sonic or another vst like groove agent it cant load any sound of it and then my whole project crash !

So give us something to work with, and someone will probably be able to help out.

Your post just gives too few details to draw a conclusion.

i have already told u . when i add another vst and i only use halion sonic se 2 and groove agent, i can see the list on the sound but when i pick a sound it load like 50% and then it stays. I cant select sound and then the whole project and the cubase crash and i have to close it with the task manager. if i open the project after this happening only a few vst’s are working so i have to go back and open a backup file to make it work but then its the same problem again and again . more details ?


It would help if we get information like; What version of Cubase you are using (32 or 64 bit), the Operating system (Winows version / OSX version / 32 or 64 bit), the amount of memory you have and it is often usefull to know what soundcard you are using…

Simply - “something is crashing” does not help much, because in many cases the crash could be an lack of computing resources or incompatibilities.

im using a steinberg soundcard yamaha 2x2 . win 7 32 bit cubase7.5 32

What I would check first:

You need to make sure, that if you create a new empty project, that you then can load Halion Sonic + the same trouble preset instrument.

If you can load everything fine in a new empty project, there is mere things to check out:

  • Check to see if your memory limit is reached on the old problematic project
  • Could be, that your .cpr project file has gotten corrupt on the old project, and by that is crashing when you load Halion… (could be it!)

If a new project also crash loading the instrument + preset, different suggestions:

  • the preset/vst soundfile , maybe it has gotten corrupt.
  • Cubase’ own profile, can also get corrupted. Try with a new clean profile.
  • Re-install Halion Sonic + vstsound files & presets.
  • The “far out suggestion”, faulty sectors on you harddisk. Not the first thing to fiddle with, check out. But I’ve had strange problems in Cubase, that was caused by a faulty harddisk, where more sectors were corrupted and “slow” to use :slight_smile:

Just a few suggestions :wink:


i have no problem when starting a NEW project but it always crash when i load a project wich i worked with only a few hours ago . Now I have 3 projects wich i can listen with only 20 % of the notes in the song . The whole halion looks like getting a crash i cant change the sound on the channel or do anything . it take a long time to get some of the sounds and notes work but still its not the whole notes and sounds . I really need help pls !

Legal version of your software?

win 7 32 and cubase 7 32

Hi kirelosparros,

you are probably running out of RAM because of your 32-bit OS. Open the task manager and see how much RAM you are using while Cubase is working. If oyu are just around 1.8 GB of RAM used, then you have just found the issue.