Halion Sonic SE 2 install choice?

It’s been a while since I have had to re-install Cubase.

Does anyone know when installing Cubase 7.5 if you are given the option of installing all Halion samples on a separate drive? I simply can’t remember.

I’m on a mission to move as much sample content out of my SSD C drive as possible and put it on my E drive which contains mostly samples. With Toontrack2 EZ drummer, Toontrack finally made this an option so I moved about 10 gigs of Toontrack drum samples to the E drive. But is this possible with the Halion Sonic samples?

Hello greggybud,

yes, you can.

I have all libraries installed on a secondary HD myself at home.
Steinberg’s Content is installed in “F:\Audio Libraries\Steinberg\VST Sound” here.


Thanks for the quick reply Fabio.

Then the next obvious question: Do I need to re-install Hallion or can I just move the samples to my sample drive and then somehow re-direct Halion?

It appears Halion samples are located at 2 different places.

c/windows/users/greg/app data/roaming/steinberg/content/halion/VST sound (3.11GB stored here)
c/windows/users/greg/app data/roaming/steinberg/content/VST sound(2.3GB stored here)

In Windows Control Panel under Programs and Features I have 3 entries:
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE
Steinberg Halion Sonice SE 64 bit
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE content

Perhaps it’s best to uninstall Steinberg Halion Sonic SE content then download this from the Steinberg website and install into the proper location?

Thank you for your help.


I would say better to re-install.
When installing, a registry entry is created for the Content, this is used to find the files of course.
If you always enter the same path, all sound files should cleanly reside in the same folder.

For me, that would be F:\Audio Libraries\Steinberg, without entering the “VST Sound” folder in the path, as this would create another sub-folder.

You could also try and move the Content, but we generally do not recommend it.
If you feel like doing it, you might check the registry entry for the Content (HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Steinberg) and move the files which are not there already accordingly.

The entries you have in the Control Panel are HALion Sonic SE program, HALion Sonic SE 64 bit program and the Content respectively. Those can be uninstalled / installed separately.

Lastly, the same entry applies to the other Content as well (REVerence, Groove Agent, etc.), so the best way to have everything in the same folder is to install everything, including Cubase, using one path and making sure to always use that one for the following installations.

Hope this helps, I understand it can be a little tricky.