Halion Sonic SE 2 Preset problem

When I load a preset into a program slot that program is not reflected in the inspector, so if I load a different preset it doesn’t change in the inspector, should it. Cubase Pro * iMac 27 El Capitan

Hi there, I think I have exactly the same problem as you, with the same configuration. Did you find how to fix it since your post?


i still don’t know how to fix or if its a problem, i would have thought the inspector would show the program

I had a similar question last year that I asked during a Club Cubase Google Hangout. When you select a VST Instrument from the Rack, the Add Instrument Track dialog opens and you have the option to select an instrument from a general list, or if you click the Browse button, you can drill down to specific instruments and presets by name. Choosing the latter will place the name of the preset/voice onto the track that gets created and will also appear in the Inspector. However, if you choose another preset later on, the track keeps the name of the previous preset/voice that was there before.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCm6ybzegGE and fast forward to 00:12:31

I’ve noticed a change as well.

In the past, if Sonic was set to accept program changes (I.E. GM Mode) in the ‘Options Tab’, the “instrument” cell in a track inspector would cause a pop up menu with 128 choices.

These days I just get Media Bay if I click on this cell, and while my Program Choice loads in Halion to the proper channel and all, the cell remains ‘blank’ after making a choice.

Same for Halion 5. I used to get a pop-up with the first 128 Halion Presets in the 'Program Tree", but something has changed here and I’m not sure what caused it. Maybe one of the service updates to Cubase?

related to this thread but I did not see this specific issue addressed…

I use cubase pro 8.5 and Halion sonic 2. I’m on a win10 platform. Everything was going fine until last week. I recently did the cubase pro update 8.5.30 but I cannot be sure there is a link, here. The problem started when I got a ‘‘vst library not found’’ in Halion. I am not a pro but I muddled my way out of this. Halion now detects all 3924 vst instruments, I can select categories of instruments and I can see the number of instruments decrease as I refine my selection. But I cannot see any of the actual instruments in the display below. I can see the outline of blank rows but they contain no text.

Of course, I cannot select them so I am dead in the water.

I uninstalled Halion Sonic 2 and reinstalled it: no change.
I keep rescanning the disk: it finds everything but I still cannot see or select them.

Can anyone help me?