HALion Sonic SE 2

Hi there,

  1. Is it possible to keep selected instrument on the selection screen?
    For example, I have selected an accordion and would like to change it to different accordion and when I open selection screen it does not show in this screen, what I have currently.

  2. For some instruments in Halion SONIC it shows: No layer Edit page found. Please make sure that the requested VST soung Instrument Set is correctly installed!
    Why I get this message? See an attachment please.

Thank you.


HALion Sonic SE can display also sounds, which are not installed with HALion Sonic SE itself. It could be some extension library. If you installed some of these libraries (or HALion Sonic 2 Trial), these sounds are in the list. But you have no license for it. So they are not displayed.

This could be the reason.

The program you have selected works perfectly here and presumably is part of standard presets so would suggest there was some problem with the installation of your HS content.

The only way I know to make sure you have all content correctly installed is to run the 9Gb full version installer that you can find in your MySteinberg account.

Thank you for reply Grim,
Do you mean reinstall all Cubase8?

Reinstall the HALion Sonic SE library. The whole Cubase is not necessary. If you don’t uninstall the Cubase, the installation will be skip, because the installator will find, there is already Cubase (newer version) installed.

I have this problem. Do you know where I can find the HALion Sonic SE Library to install?


The HALion Sonic SE library is part of the Cubase full installator. There is no dedicated installator of HALion Sonic SE only. But during the installation, you can decide, what to instal.

Martin is right that there’s not a separate Halion Sonic 2 content download like there used to be for previous Cubase versions.

Another weird thing about Cubase 8 though is that instead of getting the full installer from the Support > Downloads section of steinberg.net like you do for earlier Cubase versions, for Cubase 8 you have to log into your My Steinberg account then go to My Products > Downloads and then select your Cubase product to see the download links.

I’m sorry, I don’t know, if the library changed. The truth is, HALion Sonic SE 2 was already part of Cubase 7.5. Then you would be right, there is the HALion Sonic SE 2 (only) complete installer, here.

I don’t know the reason for this. But my guessing is, Steinberg just wants to know, who is downloading the full ISO. That’s it, I would say.