Halion Sonic SE 3.5.10 - no stand-alone in Cubase 11?

I’m using Cubase Pro 11 in Win10.
After upgrading Halion Sonic SE to the latest 3.5.10, I noticed that the stand-alone version of the instrument seems to have disappeared, with no warnings or questions during the upgrade process.
The existing related menu items (as well as the desktop shortcut) were not removed but now point to nowhere (the “Program Files/Halion Sonic SE” folder is… no more) and obviously don’t work.

Is that expected to happen or am I missing something?

You didn’t say if you are Win or Mac, but I’m on Win 10 and I have standalone icons created for HALion and HALion Sonic but not HSSE. However, when I type HALion in the search, HSSE comes up and I am able to open it standalone, so it looks like it’s just not creating the desktop icon. I am on Cubase 12, but I seem to recall it was the same in 11, but I can’t swear to it.

I said it, in my very first sentence.
Maybe you didn’t notice.

In my case it’s not just a matter of desktop icon.
If I type HALion in the search, HSSE comes up but when I try to launch it I get a message saying that the file “Halion Sonic SE.exe” has been moved or deleted. When I manually searched for the file I found out that the whole HSSE folder had been removed during the HSSE update to the latest version.

That’s why I thought that maybe the latest version (3.5.10), while being compatible with C11 as a plugin, is not intended to work as standalone with the Cubase 11 license.

I don’t think that the Cubase installation provides a standalone version of HSSE. The standalone version is only available for the separate installer of HSSE AFAIK. The manual states:

Using the Standalone Version of the Plug-In

You can use the free version of HALion Sonic SE independently from a host application.

I suppose you installed the separate version of HSSE before and Cubase updated it and removed the component. Currently version 3.5.10 of HSSE is available separately in SDA.

EDIT: The installer contains the standalone version, but it has to be selected for installation.


Do you mean that if I want also HSSE standalone I must re-install it by launching its own setup file instead of using the Download Assistant?
The strange thing is that I upgraded both GA and HS via DA, but the standalone GA did not disappear.

This is about HSSE (HS would be HALion Sonic). A little correction: the installer contains the standalone (and AAX), but this is not installed by default (either in general or when Cubase/Nuendo is detected - not sure).

To install the standalone version, you simply start the HSSE setup again and for “HALion Sonic SE” select “Reinstall”. Then select “Standalone” in the features list below. Alternatively you can got to Windows’ “Apps & Features” list, search for “Steinberg HALion Sonic SE Standalone”, click “Change” and select the Standalone component there in the features selection of the MSI setup directly.


That’s right, my mistake.
Thanks for your kind and useful answers.

Yeah, no problem. Just wanted to make sure we don’t get all the variants confused (HS / HSSE).