HALion Sonic SE 3 and HALion 6 Trial

Many thanks.

Hi all,

the trial version is now online!


HALion Sonic SE 3 is also available for download:


Just installed the Halion Sonic SE 3.
I’m very happy it’s finally out.

Two questions if I may:

Do I need to use the activation code?
Seems to run quite happily without it, probably seeing the Cubase 9 license. Even as standalone.

In Cubase mediabay, the thumbnail pictures for user created libraries appear under Halion 6 and Halion Sonic instruments only, even though they were created as HSSE libraries. They do load and work correctly in HSSE. Will this be fixed with a Cubase update?
Or does it mean the user library is faulty?

Yes, the SE 3 is covered by Cubase Pro 9.

I will check with the MediaBay team and let you know.

Does HALion Sonic SE 3 replace SE 2 on install? Or do they run as separate plugins?

Yes, but think of SE3 as an upgrade of SE2; projects that were created with SE2 will load SE3 instead and will sound exactly the same, at least, that has been my experience.

You’ll see one plugin listed called HALion Sonic SE and it’s version will be 3.

Why do I have to subscribe to a spam list only to get a free download for a licence that is covered in my Cubase licence ?

This download is obviously intended for people who don’t have Cubase. Future free Cubase updates should already come with HS SE 3.

They need your email to create a MySteinberg account in case you don’t have one. If you do, just use that email and the download link will be sent straight to your inbox.

Nonetheless I have to check the box that I am willing to get spammail and i don’t want that Ind I am fairly sure that such practices are forbidden in the EU

You are getting a top-class VSTi for free, and all that is asked is that you register the same way all other Steinberg customers do. You can easily opt out of the newsletter (sent infrequently) which is nevertheless one of the best ways to stay informed about Steinberg products. We all know what spam is, but I personally have never received any email from Steinberg that I would classify as spam.

While I feel just as strongly about giving up any personal information, there has to be some exchange of communication to do business at all; for example, you gave an email address in order to join this forum in the first place. If you feel it is illegal, then you should reference what law you feel is being broken and I’m sure Steinberg would be very interested to address any such issues.

Finally, I think Steinberg’s approach overall is fairly balanced, certainly compared to companies who, for example, require one to sign up to Facebook (and “like” them!) in order to enter a competition.

Hello, I’m new on the forum. I have a problem with Halion Sonic SE 3 on Cubase Elements 10. I have to import a .fxp file on Halion but I dont’t see the “import” function both on Halion and Mediabay. I also tried to drag the file on both 2 but they didn’t allow me to drag it. Have you gota solution for this problem? Thank you so much for your help


I know what I am about to share is totally different than original topic, though, …
I am not able to view the MGuitar sounds in Dorico 3.5, using Halion SE 3 = 3.4 (New version).

Is it due to the directories or something else ? Wish I could download the pics from the program.
Maybe in a few days.
Here’ s my post from another area on the 'net:

I did a post last week about the MGuitar sounds. Tonight I followed all the steps and now realized, … it seems to be for Cubase, though shows up on the Dorico / HALion list also.
Do I need to White list it within Dorico (3.5)
I did go back into Dorico, and MGuitar does not show up after downloading and running the expander program for the sounds.

(below shows the MGuitar plugin-under the HALion sounds).

Thanks for reading; hope to hear back this year. :~)

K. Kennard

Hi I purchased cubase pro 11, first time user, is halion included or do I have to buy it separately, thanks

Halion Sonic SE3 is included.

If you want Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3 then you need to buy those separately.

Okay thanks

Hi so when I downloaded cubase pro 11 I didn’t get the the Halion Sonic SE3 that’s included, what can do? Uninstall then reinstall?

Did you download and install Halion Sonic SE3?

Was it a new Cubase installation?

Steinberg download assistant should give you several items to download when you select Cubase 11. The Cubase application itself, several content sets and also instruments like Halion Sonic SE, Retrologue, Padshop, Groove Agent SE.

Yes 1st time buyer of cubase pro 11 all it came with was retrolouge, loopmash, mystic, prolouge, and spector, but not the halion sonic se3

Hi. I just downloaded the HSSE3 (3.4.30) via the Steinberg Download manager. But here’s the problem: the Stand Alone version, when I load it, it says ‘3.4.20’ right on the opening page. But then I open the Stand Alone PC version and, as I look at the build card it plainly say ‘’. Even in CClean HSSE3 is listed as HSSE 3.4.30. Is this a Steinberg flaw or am I still running HSSE3 3.4.20?

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