HALion Sonic SE 3 free upgrade. Can't find new sounds.

I received an email from Steinberg last week entitled “Free downloads, updates and video tutorials” Towards the bottom, I noticed the free upgrade to HALion Sonic SE 3. I downloaded and installed it . Pretty cool. I noticed that the installer also installed about 900 mb of new content and I can see that they are installed on my system in VST Sound folder and appear as Anima, Skylab, Studio Strings, Hot Brass,Tonewheel… Pretty cool. But when I look for these in the new Halion Sonic SE 3, I just can’t seem to find them anywhere in order to give them a listen. Am I missing something here? I did do a custom install and de-selected AU and AAX as I only use VST. Also, there appears to be a new app called “HALion Library Insaller” in the Application folder of my Mac. Is there something I need to do with that? My Cubase version is 8.5 and my Mac OS is Sierra 10.12.4

…and Cubase version is 8.5.30

Doesn’t it say on the download page there are no sounds included with the free version?

Hmm. That’s not what I’m seeing. It only says it’s a stripped down version. Steinberg includes a stripped down library as well. It appears as “Additional Content” The installer installed it. It’s only 816.1 MB. I believe they are meant to be teaser sounds of the full version.


This is where I downloaded from. Says no content included with free version.

But I did lose the email so maybe there is a different download page for Cubase users?

Complete link… definitely says no content included with free version.

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Thanks Prock. Haven’t mastered cut and paste on the phone yet!

In the comparison chart they state indeed that there should be 1.360 presets if you have cubase 9.
The download should be 3 gig though.
So i guess they probably flagged them off in the installer because OP uses cubase 8.5.
I would do the upgrade to 9 since the instruments you mentioned are quite good.
Don’t forget to look in the user content too.
There are already a few instruments to download there too. :slight_smile:

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OK it does say no content …must have missed that. The Tonewheel file takes up 462.8 MB of the additional content installed. The new interface is nice. I can get to my HSO library faster now. Trip too. l’ll will be upgrading to Pro 9 in June. Thanks man. Cheers to all.