Halion Sonic SE 3 Instruments not Loading

Hi Peter,

Good to hear you managed to solve the missing content.

The red signs means the program is recognised but cannot be used, most likely because of missing license.

Can you open the Download assistant again and check what HSSE content you get with Cubase 11 AI vs Cubase 11 Elements? I think it’s the same content (same size).

Different Cubase versions come with different content. With older versions of HSSE you wouldn’t see the unlicensed content at all. With the latest version of HSSE you see everything but the unlicensed content has those red signs.

Hi Misohoza,

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots showing what displays in the download assistant for Cubase Elements 11 and for Cubase AI 11 and they appear to be the same for Halion content. When I installed Cubase the resulting desktop icon is labeled “Cubase LE AI Elements 11”

Hi @Peter_MacWilliam

This is a screenshot of Cubase comparison:

It is for Cubase 12 but I think it’s the same for Cubase 11.
Elements come with Artist and Basic Set while AI only comes with Basic.

I think all the presets that show the red sign are part of the Artist Set. If you have Cubase AI you don’t have license for these. Why they put them in download assistant… I don’t know.

You could try to run the Library manager and remove the Artist Set and see if you get rid of those red signs.

Hello -

SImilar question here … wondering if I have all my HSSE Content downloaded?

I’m not able to figure out how to use the instructions above to help answer that question. I did take a pic of my Steinberg Downloaded Assistant screen, below. Does the size of the content downloaded/installed help tell me if I’ve got everything, vs. am missing some content?

C12 Pro, W10

Thank you!

Use the Library Name filter in the preset browser to see if you have these libraries:

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Thank you, @Romantique_Tp !

I do have all those listed.

Does that mean I have all the samples downloaded in each of them that I should?


Edit: Just used Media Bay for the first time this weekend, and as part of my get-to-know-the-function activities I re-scanned everything, including Halion Sonic SE.

I guess that’s as sure as I can get that I’m not missing any content. I was just surprised how little there was in some categories.

Thanks for your help again!