HALion Sonic SE 3 is missing a lot of files

I’ve looked up more support pages on this particular topic than I can count, and I’m at the end of my wits trying to fix this situation.

So way back in December my parents gifted me Cubase Artist 10, but I didn’t really have time to install it until February. Originally when I did, I had a bit of a recurring issue with the eLicenser that eventually got fixed.

HOWEVER… for some reason after I fixed it, my version of Cubase was still under the impression that I was running a trial version of Cubase Artist 10, even though it was now fully licensed. At this point, I had already made a few sessions just to mess around with it, but on April 9th a message popped up saying my trial version of Cubase had expired which then crashed the program. Oddly enough, it wasn’t actually removed from my PC or anything, but HALion Sonic SE 3 was now missing several VST sounds that I was already using for my sessions.

I can’t really remember all the steps I took in order, but this is basically what I tried so far:

Uninstalling, rebooting, and installing
Uninstalling, wiping all but my project files clean, rebooting, and installing again
Upgrading from Cubase Artist 10 to Cubase Artist 10.5
Downloading HALion Sonic SE 3 standalone
Moving all VST sound files to the same folder manually
Moving all VST sound files to the same folder using Library Manager
Removing everything from Library Manager and reloading them again (bad idea)
Downloading HALion Sonic 3 and replacing the VST sounds (bad idea)
Scouring the internet for HALion Sonic SE VST sound files and loading those into the program (very bad idea)

Not only did none of these options work for me, but I feel like more and more of my sound library is slowly hemorrhaging VST sounds the more times I try to fix this. I started off with something around 1180 total sounds, and now I’m down to 1168, and it seems as though it’s specifically removing sounds that I’ve used in the past.

Here are the instruments I know I’m missing to give context to the situation. Please tell me if any of these show up in your version of HALion Sonic SE 3.

Athens Lead
Digital Organic
Drum&Bass Kit 2
Mono Rock Kit 1
Mono Rock Kit 2
Mono Rock Kit 3
Mono Upright
NuMetal Bass

I’m willing to retry any of these steps just in case I’ve done any of them wrong, so I’m honestly open to any and all suggestions at this point. Please help if you’ve dealt with this as well.


Are you sure you didn’t install HALion Sonic (without SE) Trial, please?

I would recommend to use Steinberg Library Manager to manage your libraries. Uninstall HALion Sonic library, if there is any. And install complete HALion Sonic SE library. You can install the HALion Sonic full library from Cubase Full Installer,