HALION SONIC SE 3 missing sounds

I recently switched to iMac Sonoma 14.5 and I noticed many sounds from my Halion Sonic SE are missing, like Piano, Flute, etc…

In my previous iMac High Sierra I had no problem with HS SE3.
I am using a licensed Cubase Pro 10.5. on iMac 27 inch, 2020.

I would appreciate any help/assistance to how can I retrieve all sounds that are included in Halion Sonic SE 3.
Thank you


Install all the content from Cubase folder in the Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

Thanks Martin for your fast reply.
I’ll do it and will see if that resolves my problem.

I downloaded/installed the Cubase Pro 10.5 Full version and 2 more updates to 10.5.30 from Steinberg Download Assistant.
I open Cubase, new project, new vst track, select HS SE and highlight GM Acoustic Piano. I get an error message and I don’t know what to do from there.
Please see screen shots:


Did you save the preset in HALion Sonic SE 7 (the current version), maybe?

I figured it out, as you suggested, by reinstalling the full version of Cubase Pro 10. Now it works and no more error message.
That was my fault by downloading/ installing accidentally a commercial version of Helicon that I don’t have the license in my system. got my lesson… :smiley:
Thank you