Halion Sonic SE 3 play wrong notes in Cubase 11 after changing time signature


I encounter strange behaviors in Halion Sonic SE 3 in Cubase 11 (on PC under Windows 11). Instrument used is Swapping Pulse. Wrong notes are played when when changing time signature from 4/4, to 2/4, then back to 4/4. Every other midi channels play fine.

When I change back every bar to 4/4, it seems to go back to normal.

Does someone have a clue of what is happening ?

Thank you.


Welcome! That patch (the Instrument is Halion Sonic SE) you mentioned doesn’t simply play a note, it’s an arpeggiated sound playing several different pitches.

Got some more info about what you’ve got going there? (maybe Sync to Host in one of the apeggiators?)

Hi Steve,

I understand what you mean. But when I insert the 2/4 time signature for one bar, the arpegiator change the notes it usually plays (the sequence of notes) and it doesn’t fit the scale anymore. As I wrote, when I change back every bar to 4/4 time signature (without changing the note that trigger the arpegiator notes sequence), it seems to go back to normal and notes played all fit the scale again.


Hmm… there must be more to the story – something that might not be obvious?