Halion Sonic SE 3 Problem;


I have a following problem with HALion Sonic SE 3;

I use Cockos Reaper 64 bit;

When I try to load an instrument in Halion I get a message:

VST Sound Library “filename” not found.

Im trying to load an instrument from the factory library.

I found a thread with a similar problem in this forum but the
file that is required to load this instrument (Acoustic Grand Piano)
isn’t on my hard disk.

I have reinstalled Halion but nothing has changed.

I have only one instrument in the library manager that I bought some time ago but nothing else.

I have the latest version downloaded from the Steinberg website.

Does anybody have an idea ?



I’m still waiting on this one too; nothing on the Reaper forum either - Reaper 6 doesn’t recognize Halion SE in the instrument options

Let me know if you have any joy?