HALion Sonic SE 3 problems

I’m having trouble getting sound to work on Dorico 3.1.10.

Some files are able to load HALion Sonic SE 3 libraries with no problem. However, other files “load” the playback template but then don’t play any sounds. I know that something is happening because the ARIA player samples load without a problem.

What could be causing this silence? I’ve tried Play>Playback Template but that simply reassigns all sounds to HALion (including those previously assigned to the ARIA player) and then plays nothing.

Which version of Dorico are you running? Pro, Elements, SE?

Version Pro

Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. That creates silently a zip file on your desktop, please attach it here. Thanks

Here you go. This is the diagnostic report with only the file that has the silence problem open.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (419 KB)

I think, I’ve found the problem. You have switched the metronome to solo, therefore all other instruments are muted. Open the mixer window and switch off the solo state of DoricoBeep and save your project. That should do.

Success! Thank you!

I’ve never seen a software team as open and available as the Dorico team to help users. Most times, when I’ve had a question about the software, I simply search “Dorico issue” and the top results lead to a thread on this forum with an explanation of the answer. Thank you for your help!

On a related note. Sometimes I am having issues with instruments having no sustain.

Can you provide a bit more specific information, @carstencoach? Your post doesn’t give us much to go on.

If you’d like us to look into something for you, please read our suggested guideline number 4 in this post to help you to provide enough information that we’ll be able to help you efficiently.

Yes, off course. I was just hoping someone maybe had the issue before and you could direct me to a problem solved thread. Unfortunatelay it is only from time to time, this problem occurs. Usually it resolves when I restart the program.