Halion Sonic SE 3


I have in my Mac Halion Sonic SE 3 installed (hen I bought Dorico elements 2). Today I bought Cubase 10 Pro, which comes with the full version of Halion Sonic 3. In this case, the cubase install overwrites Halion SE for the full version or I will end up with both versions?


Hi and welcome,

Cubase Pro doesn’t come with HALion Sonic 3. There is HALion Sonic SE, same as it is in Dorico.

There is additional HALion Sonic SE 3 content in Cubase Pro. As Martin says, the full version of HALion Sonic (and, for that matter, HALion) are separate products that are not included with Cubase.

Thank you very much. You’re right ! I just understood how HALion line works: Halion Sonic SE 3 (which comes with Cubase and Dorico), Halion Sonic 3 and Halion 6.

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