Halion Sonic SE 3

I load 1 instance of Halion Se 3, then load a single program into slot 1 and it plays from my midi keyboard and the performace keyboard, I see the activity in the mixer window. when I reopen after saving the song, the sound doesn’t play no response from midi keyboard or performance KB

I have opened 3 instances of Halion Se 3 and it happens on them all, I have load programs into slot 2 on all three saved and reopened slot 2 Alway plays slot 1 doesn’t. I have loaded all 16 slots and 6 & 7 also don’t always play, I have Kept the outputs all going to the Main


Make sure the 1st slot Output is set to Main.

It Is All inputs are set to main, its only input 1 that doesn’t play, from 2 to 16 all set to main play, my work around is use all other inputs and render in place,
I can’t get a sound or see any midi activity even from the performance KB on program slot 1 all other inputs play the sound loaded into their respective slots and play from my midi KB and the performance Midi KB, I’m struggling a tad. I can’t see how from this page I can load a screenshot


Could you attach a screenshot of HALion Sonic SE, Mix page, please?

I can’t find how to attach a screenshot from this screen, I have got to this screen by clicking the link sent back to me by noreply@steinberg.de


Click to the “Full Editor & Preview” button bellow the text field here. Then you can click to the Attach tab.


I got a screenshot as Private Message from you.

I can see, you are not using only Instrument tracks. There are also MIDI tracks. The MIDI track you have currently selected sends the MIDI data on MIDI Channel 2. In HALion Sonic SE it’s set the way, the MIDI Channel 2 sends the data to slot 2.

So actually your original description is not correct. You didn’t add new HALion Sonic SE instance. You added a new MIDI track, which you routed to HALion Sonic SE. To other MIDI Channel of HALion Sonic SE.

I Think I have found the problem , accidentally, to clear another problem I was told from Steinberg to rename my Cubase 10.5 folder to x_cubase 10.5 which I did, , I found last night, that I no longer had any presets in the logical editor, I followed the designated File path username/library/preferences/cubase 10.5 only to find the logical editor folder was empty, the old renamed folder, xCubase 10.5 had all the files in it, so I deleted the new folder named Cubase 10 .5 renamed the Folder x_cubase 10.5 back to its original name, and the logical editor now has all the presets etc, and Halion Sonic Se 3 now seems to behaving as expected. thank you for your response and help it much appreciated Martin.


You probably sent your reply to other thread. Your last post is related to this thread.