Halion Sonic SE and Halion Sonic?

I haver purchased cubase 6 and halion sonic SE comes with it. I own Halion Sonic since it came out. Should i uninstall Halion Sonic SE after cubase 6 installation? I tried that but having issues with presets missing etc. Also i dont seem to find a way to play Orchestra through Halion Sonic. Only with SE.

Halion sonic and halion sonic se are two totally different synths… you can quite happily run them side by side… think of halion sonic se as being C6’s Halion one… albeit about twenty billion time better!

The problem most people have with halion symphonic is that they don’t realise that the mod controller has been assigned to the expression controller so you will have to use your mod wheel/joystick to raise the mod level which is in fact not the mod level but the expression controller level if you follow me? this will then increase the ‘volume’ of the instrument you are trying to play… caught me out too first time i ever tried HSO… it’s a GREAT plugin btw! it just takes some time and effort to get to grips with…

You are right matjones. I forgot about the expression wheel (or modular wheel, dont remember) from my tryout copy of symphonic orchestra when i bought cubase 5. It ir a great program!
But my question was if it is save un uninstall Halion Sonic SE when i I have Halion Sonic 1.5. Halion Sonic SE is what i think a light version of the complete Halion Sonic. Or are they two different synths with differents sounds?