HALion Sonic SE and HSO issues

Hi everyone!
I’m having the big problem for around 8 months. I installed Halion ( I guess full version SE) as a trial version. I tried to deleted it after. I went everywhere and deleted every contest that shows that number.
Unfortunately my existing HALion SE3 don’t show HSO. If I open HALion Library Manager HSO is there. But I can’t see it in the SE3.
Any idea?

Use the Windows program uninstaller to remove the trial versions. Never delete the files manually. Do the following to ensure that you aren’t missing anything:

-Run the full Cubase Pro 9 installer and make it reinstall all plugins and content. You wont lose any settings.
-Install Halion Sonic SE 3 again, then apply the latest update.
-Remove Halion Symphonic Orchestra using the Windows uninstaller, then reinstall it.

I got it. It works like a new!!! Thank you.