Halion Sonic SE and the virtual keyboard

When I try and add instrument track of VST such as Halion, it brings the software up and I can use it normally but when I press record to record some sounds using the virtual keyboard, nothing gets recorded! What is happening and why? I don’t have a MIDI Controller as yet, but wanted to know if this could be the reason why it’s not getting any sounds recorded?

The virtual keyboard in Halion Sonic SE (and most other VST plugins) is only used to preview presets and to show you where the key switches are.

Cubase has a virtual keyboard feature that you can use instead. Press Alt + K to enable it. This will allow you to record MIDI notes using your computer keyboard and/or mouse.

Thanks for your reply Romantique Tp…but I followed your suggestion and enabled the Alt + K and it still does not allow me to record any sounds from the Halion or any VST instrument. What am I doing wrong?

This is my process: I Project/Add Track/Instrument/HALion. The HALion comes up and I can play it with my virtual keybooard and mouse and hear any sounds. But the moment I press record nothing gets recorded even though I can still play and hear sounds…