Halion Sonic SE as an external VST

Hello guys,
I use FL Studio together with Cubase. Cubase is where I do my mixdowns.
But I have a problem, I cant seem to get the Halion Sonic SE to work as a VST in FL Studio.

When I try to load Halion Sonic SE in FL Studio I get error message saying it failed to load the VST. It finds it, but cant load it.

Everything I have is 64 bits. All plugins, all DAWs. So no need for bridging. I use Win7 64bits.

Isn’t it possible to use Halion Sonic SE as a plugin in FL Studio, or other DAWs? Or am I missing something essential here?

I believe Halion and Halion Sonic can run in other VST hosts like FL Studio, but Halion Sonic SE can’t.