Halion Sonic SE Basic/Artist/Pro Content Missing from instal

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me which update/install the Halion Sonic SE Content was provided in?

I recently had to rebuild my system due to a hard drive failure and have installed Cubase from my original Cubase 5 install disc and followed what I can see as the full upgrade path from there up to current date.

At some point Steinberg introduced Halion Sonic SE and my original install had 3 catagories of presets…
titled, Halion Sonic SE Basic/Artist & Pro as I recall.

I can see problems have been created in the past through not selecting “Install for all users” and I am confident I haqd checked this on every install and uninstalled since Cubase 6 and did so again just in case.
I also have HSO content installed and this succesfully shows up.

Inspection of users/appdata/roaming/steinberg reveals nothing in ‘content’ or ‘halion sonic se’
and c:\programdata\steinberg\content contains folders ‘halion\vstsound\vst sound- hso’ -which clearly has all the hso vst data showing up(see attached)
and the halionOne soundbanks folder contains all the presets for that .EVidently I should find the hsse-basic/artist/pro files here too. They are in appdata either though.
They just dont appear to have installed at all. I have a lot of project dependant on these libraries. Particularly the pianos

Can i download them off an online archive?
Can someone name which update should have contained them and how i might extract them?

Thanks !

…Oh and thanks christ padshop got the wav import! Thank you Steinberg! :smiley: