Halion Sonic SE - Bypass Quick Controls - what EXACTLY does it do?

(Cubase 11 Pro)
The button just to the right of the quick controls in Halion Sonic SE is called “Bypass Quick Controls”

… and the documentation for it says:
To hear a sound without quick control assignments, you can bypass them
temporarily by using the Bypass button to the right of the quick controls. This turns
off the quick control assignments of the program.

But I noticed when I do that that there are clearly some settings at work. For example on the Halion Dual Cello there is definite reverb happening. If I enable the controls (i.e., don’t bypass them) and back way off of hall room size, etc, I can make the reverb go away. So what are the control settings when they are “bypassed”? Are they the default settings, as if I hadn’t touched the controls?

Thanks in advance.