HALion Sonic SE Can't Find My Instruments

I open HALion and click on the down arrow at the right of a slot. The “Load Program” window pops up. The gold box at the top says “All Instrument Sets.”

But the windows below do not show any instruments. Specifically, I’m trying to load the new Verve piano. I’m guessing it’s a path issue, but I don’t know how to find or change that.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Use the Steinberg Library Manager. For any library the “Details” will show the path to it & let you move it.

Thank you. I used the Steinberg Library Manager to change the paths so they point to an external SSD.

However, HALion Sonic SE (standalone version or the VST) still does not find anything. It seems I still need to tell it where to look, and I can’t figure out how to do that. I thought I WAS doing that when I used the Steinberg Library Manager.

Hi A_Flat_Minor,
if the Steinberg Library Manager shows your desired Libraries without an exclamation mark the paths are ok and it’s most likely a license/latest version problem.
The Steinberg Library Manager hasn’t got any license check and will register and show you everything that you install, even if you haven’t got a single Steinberg license.
So, secure that you have the latest versions of the eLC and the Steinberg Activation Manager installed and that they show the desired licenses.

The Verve requires at least HALIon Sonic SE version 3.5.10
best regards
Gerrit Junge