HALion Sonic SE connecting to external MIDI Keyboard : 'Some audio files are missing. Please Check Installation'

As the subject mentions, I’m having a problem connecting my external MIDI keyboard with HALion Sonic SE in Cubase 10 elements LE. I have Cubase 10 Elements SE installed on windows 10 64 bit PC in the default location. I have a licensed copy of it associated with my Cubase account online. The main program loads o.k. but when I try to create a Piano + Vocal song in the recording section of the splash screen on startup, I’m prompted with a response in a mini windows titled HALion Sonic SE that states ‘Some audio files are missing. Please Check Installation’.

I have checked the main installation of Cubase Elements 10 - 10.0.10 Full. I have tried to repair it in the windows 10 installer, I have tried to modify it to find the Halion Sonic SE installer but that does not exist within the windows 10 installer. I have gone into the \Additional Content\Installer folder and tried to install the HALionSonicSE windows installer only to be told that ‘The Specified Account Already exists’ and then the installer quickly quits. I have tried updating the program with the Cubase Elements 10 - 10.0.10 Update and it loads up but then soon crashes. I have tried to download and install both HALion 6 and HALion Sonic SE3 3.2.15 from the Steinberg Download Assistant, neither have them have worked (they are 1gig~ installation files, after right clicking the installation file and ‘Running as Administrator’, the installation process begins but then crashes instantly like all of the other installers).

Cubase accepts MIDI input from my external keyboard if I use the prologue synth but not the Halion Sonic SE synth listed in the inspector under piano. When I do choose the HALion Sonic SE as my instrument and going into it’s options there by clicking on the /// icon, the HALION SONIC SE2 screen with the keyboard loads up but I cannot hear any sound when I press keys on my external keyboard. Neither can I load any presets or program racks in this HALion Sonic SE screen, no content is available. The keyboard on this HALionSonic SE screen does register the correct external keyboard presses from my external midi keyboard, it does show them being played, just no sound!

I would love to be able to use this amazing plugin. I’m using the ASIO4ALL midi plugin and as I mentioned it works for Prologue. I have tried the low latency plugin option too in Studio Setup but that does not work. Can you please help with this ? I love this program very much, I really would like to be able to use it! Thanks for any help you can offer.