Halion Sonic SE Content in Elements 7

I’ve been going through the tutorial videos in the new features section from the Elements 7 hub list. I skipped a few and was looking at video 8 - HERE.

The link to the video mentions that there are ‘over 300’ sounds available, but I have only the185 in the basic set. In the video at around 3:25, clicking on the down arrow ‘load programme’ in the HSE window brings up a mini 2 pane mediabay window with the option to load the artist set of sounds from the left hand pane. Firstly, I only have the right hand pane by default, but if I enable filters I get two panes, although the left hand one only has ‘VST Presets’, the count of 185, and no other options.

Here’s a link to a screenshot https://www.flickr.com/photos/hinfrance/13797801463/

Any clues as to how to access the missing content would be gratefully received.

It looks like you should also have the “Basic” set. But the screenshot you’ve provided is too small to see exactly which libraries are showing up.

The Steinberg website says that Elements is shipped with a total of 869 instrument sounds (presumably spread over Prologue, Groove Agent ONE and HALion Sonic SE).

Did you spot the deliberate mistake near the beginning of the video?

Hi Jenks - yes, I’ve got the basic set. It’s not terribly impressive really.

Can’t say I did spot the mistake at the beginning of the video - I’m struggling with the complexity of Cubase to be honest. I’ve also got a licence for Reaper, and that is working out better for me so far - more stuff just happens automatically - like loading in an Addictive Drums beat automatically adjusts to the time signature, but in Cubase it goes all over the place - so that’s another challenge!

If you’ve got the Basic Set and the Artist Set then, I’m afraid, that’s seems to be all that’s included in Elements.

The mistake I think I heard in the video is the statement that you can load “18” different sounds in HALion Sonic SE at once - I think he means “16”.

Hi Jenks, I’m afraid it’s the artist set that is missing - all I have is the basic 185 sound set. I think I’ll submit a support request and see what they come back with.

sounds like a plan!

The support request did the trick.

Took a whole to find the problem and quite a few ‘try this’ and ‘try that’ emails several hours of uninstalling and reinstalling. Turns out the roaming appdata files had not built correctly; renaming them to hide them from the programme so that it rebuilt them on startup was the answer. I’ve lost my presets, but as I hadn’t done a lot, and what I had done was simple, that’s not so bad.

That’s great news! Have fun with it :slight_smile: