Halion Sonic SE content missing

ive just come on here and ive got that problem too.

ive just installed Cubase 7.5 a week ago and ever since I have no content I can play the se09 piano and one or two other things in halionsonic se but all the other stuff is missing …is there a way too fix this ?im on windows 7 and ive tried reinstalling /updating a few times now without any joy …

hopw someone can help…thanks

Yeah the S90 Piano was my go to piano and I can’t find it anywhere either

quick e…its mainly halionone content that’s all missing theres only a few pianos and one or two other types of sounds visable…I like some of the sounds on halion one and ive done a lot of tracks in older versions of Cubase which wont work now because it cant find my sounds…ive searched the folder which was mentioned in another post and can see all the content there but halion one wont accept it…any ideas?thanks