halion sonic se cubase 7.5

Greetings,many times when I try to load an instrument into halion sonic se it stops loading half way through the loading process. any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hey we are on the same boat, more or less. I’ve had Cubase 7.5.30 for four days and still not being able to load Halion Sonic Se into my VST rack. It freezes up Cubase and I have to go to task manager to close the program. Very annoyed. Please help us!

I now have the exact same problem. Gets to around 50% and stops. It’s holding up some vital work, please help ASAP I have 32bit Windows 7 i5 16 gig of ram Intel chipset

I have a work around. When you open Halion, go into edit mode and try choosing the new sound from channel 2 instead of 1. You will need to change the midi channel on the track but it will work


I’m having an issue with Halion Sonic Se2 in cubase 7.5. I seem to have lost 90% of the sounds and also the trip synth that comes within Halion. I have tried reloading Halion but keep getting a 1603 error message. Can anyone help. Cheers.

You may already know this (sorry if you do) and it’s a little off topic but you are only using about 4GB of your 16GB of RAM. 32bit operating systems can only access up 4GB of RAM, the other 12G is going to waste. If you want to use all 16GB upgrade to a 64bit system if possible FYI.