Halion Sonic SE + Cubase Elements 6

Hey, can anyone tell me how many presets I’m supposed to have on a clean isntallation of Cubase Elements 6 with Halion Sonic Se?

According to all the advertising material I’ve seen, Halion Sonic SE should include about 550 presets when bundled with Elements 6, however in mine I only have 185 available, 50 from the Basic Synths pack and 135 rather poor General Midi sounds. Can anyone tell me how to install the rest? Where I get them from?

Thank you

I’m taking a guess here:

185 is what you’re supposed to have in Halion Sonic SE (with Elements).

The comparison chart:
(Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg)
lists 585 instrument sounds for Elements.
However, Elements has 3 included VST instruments (Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent One, and Prologue).

LE and AI, however, list only 185 instrument sounds and they only have Halion Sonic SE.

I thought that so I checked, but in the Cubase Elements 6 column the number of presets is listed as 585?
So does that mean Halion has 185 and Prologue, and Groove agent have the other 400?

I apologies if I’m missing something as I am new to this.

Again, guessing:

It’s not exactly “presets” persay, but instrument sounds.
Or the term might be a blur of the two.

I would imagine that Groove Agent One is going to have the bulk, as every voice for every pad in every kit could be considered an “instrument sound”.

But yeah, the 585 are going to be spread out over those 3 instruments.

Unless you specifically told the installation routine (for Elements) to NOT install something, it’ll be there.