Halion sonic SE fails to load instrument


I’m currently working in Dorico SE 3.5 and planning to buy the full version (Dorico 4).

I have a problem with Halion. Each time I try to load an instrument, I see a yellow bar that disappears and the slot is left empty, so no playback at all.

It worked fine a while ago. Restarting the PC and program dindn’t resolve my problem.

Any thoughts?



And when I closed the program there was a crash dump.
Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine 64bit 2021.12.8 18.57.dmp (331.1 KB)

Could you please also post a diagnostics report (Help >Create Diagnostics Report)? Thanks.
I will have a look at the crash dump tomorrow morning.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (555.4 KB)
Included the Dorico diagnostics. And thank you for looking into it.



Thanks again for the data. The crash is indeed within HALion Sonic SE while some selection changes. Actually, you have the latest version of HSSE, so it should be stable, but as one can see, you have that problem.
Does it occur only with specific projects or any projects, i.e. also with projects that you newly create?