Halion Sonic SE Flexiphrase ... Underwhelming?

Just getting around to playing around with HSSE. I was excited about the ‘flexiphrases.’ Looked in the manual in the GUI and I can’t find anyway to access them or change them in a patch?

I listened to all the included Flexiphrase patches. The only ones that seemed half decent were the Nylon Guitar and the Wurli.

As I understand it … this is a captive technology. I don’t know if in the full Halion Sonic you can edit them … or only select and apply them.

I know I’ve got the full Halion Sonic demo … but anyone looked into whether you can edit them there … as opposed to simply selecting and applying them?

Too bad there isn’t something like Omnisphere where you can import a midi file directly into the arp.

Also in HSSE, where do you select between the 4 different patch layers? So far I don’t see anywhere to access this. Is this also missing in HSSE?


Not a bump. Keep on forgetting to click ‘notify’ in the options.


No one have a take on using flexiphrase?

Are they editable in Halion Sonic SE patches? … In the included Flexiphrase patches I can’t see anywhere to access or change the flexiphrase.

Are the acutal flexiphrases … not the patches … editable in the full Halion Sonic?


p50 RTFM

you can open the PDF manual before installing the program.
I installed everything in the box (including Hypersonic) when I got SX3/C4 and after 30 days …
:astonished: oops! :blush:
This time I’m going to make sure I have the time to check the stuff out before I start the trial period haha!

Back to HALion Sonic
In the full version you seem to be able to do A LOT more than in the SE version.

I tried to find something about dragging and dropping phrases from MIDI parts or from MediaBay, but I couldn’t … ? Is it only me? I found the Export thingie though.

TY H-Ulf … and exactly. I don’t want to demo until I have time to seriously look at it … after I get C6 sussed out.

I had already downloaded and opened the manual and searched for “flexi” and read every instance … but didn’t see the export … so back to the manual again.

Still … I find it curious that what is presented as one of the major selling points in Halion Sonic is given such short shrift in a demo presumable provided to entice you to want to upgrade to the full version.

Of course, given the new forum’s policy of locking you out from posting in the product forum if you aren’t yet an owner … I can’t really ask anyone who is actually using it as a customer, now can I?


No but what you can do is make a post in Welcome to Steinberg and see if you get an answer ie by linking to this thread.

As more and more people become involved I think we will be surprised at how things might work. I for one go there and try to answer questions and participate.

In any case since there is a trial of the full HALionSonic, I don’t believe posting questions about it here would be disallowed.

This is hardly an answer of the type you inferred you were able to obtain here in this forum.

Are you an official representative of Steinberg or have you simply taken it upon yourself to enforce your perception of what forum rules are or aren’t?


I don’t work for Steinberg but to me at least it is obvious the situation won’t be altered or changed in the near future, as the campaign against combined forums demonstrated.

Aloha Como,

You are right. All I could find in the
included HSE pdf was this:

FlexPhrasers are a feature of the full version of HALion Sonic.
They add arpeggios and even complex musical phrases to some programs of the factory content.

And that’s it!

FlexPhrase is not even mentioned in the index or the Operations Manual.
Maybe by installing the demo, more info is included. I sure hope so.

I never owned the big Halion sampler so I am really enjoying having access to the H- Legacy fx.