Halion Sonic SE for iOS...

…with import of user libraries.

This would change the world, because we could do great things with keys and synths while out of the home studio.

I would pay € 99,- for it, no problem.

Use cases:

  • For my monthly jam session in the social club where I’m member, it would be the best thing to have (at the moment I’m using Roland Virtual Sound Canvas, which sounds exactly… like a Roland Sound Canvas… if you know what I mean… General MIDI from the 90s…) - and I don’t want to bring a notebook with my dongle (which has licenses for > € 1.000,- on it… and if I lose THAT it would be really bad), USB hub, tons of cables, audio interface, etc… just my iTrack Dock, the iPad and some Alesis VI61 would be the way to go for me
  • High quality work in Cubasis (which is a great software, but the included patches are really not that great - mostly harsh and and too little detail there)

Additional benefit for Steinberg (I think it should always be that both sides of a deal have great benefits):

Marketability of the Halion platform as “…and if you create content, you can even sell it to the iPad folks”. :slight_smile:


there already is a condensed iOS version of Halion Sonic, it’s called Micro Sonic. That is provided as a part of Cubasis: Cubasis User Guide: Micro Sonic

However, I don’t know whether there are plans regarding opening the iOS port to non-factory content.
Only someone from Steinberg could comment on that. But it would definitely be a great move, to enable users to create content for Cubasis (iOS) as well.