Halion Sonic SE, Halion Symphonic Orchestra and IAC Driver

I like to ask you how can I use a third part MIDI DAW like Pizzicato and connect it to Cubase 7 and to Halion Symphonic Orchestra through Halion Sonic SE via IAC Driver as I am using Pizzicato for scoring songs mostly?

Here how I connect, but always having MIDI channels issues as all MIDI channels are playing all instruments mixed together. Not separate instruments on corresponding channels.

  1. From Audio MIDI setup of Macbook Pro I created an IAC Driver with one Port (which I assume has 16 MIDI channels)
  2. Then I assign MIDI and sound configuration Output to this port on Pizzicato.
  3. On the Cubase end, the MIDI input will be this IAC Driver with one port I created.
  4. The send MIDI is set Halion Sonic SE with each corresponding channels assign equally.
  5. On the Halion Sonic SE I assign the relevant Halion Symphonic Orchestra tone.
  6. Now when I play Pizzicato all MIDI notes from here are played in all HSO.

Please advice on how to correct it.

I would be thankful.


You can use the Input Transformer to filter the MIDI channel for each track, so for example, only MIDI channel 1 is passed to MIDI track 1.


Thank you very much for your reply.

Could you please let me know steps in making the changes to Input Transformer.

So far, I am not succeeding in assigning each MIDI channel to each track of the Cubase and Halion.


Let’s say you only want MIDI channel 1 going to track 1; in the Inspector for track 1, click the Input Transformer button and select “Local”; the Input Transformer opens; select the preset “Channel Filtering” -> “Pass CH01” and close the Input Transformer; repeat for other tracks (channels) you want to use.

Thank you very much. It is now working!
Take care.