Halion Sonic SE has no presets


I installed Cubase 7.5 along with Halion Sonic SE, however, when I launch Halion Sonic SE, it has no presets available, no sound come out when I play the Halion Sonic SE virtual keyboard, and there is the following error message in Halion Sonic SE:

No layer edit page found

I have this issue on my 2 computers. How could I solve this problem?

Check the sticky at top of this page called:

Cubase 7.5 and HALion Sonic SE Content Downloads - SOLUTION

Thanks, I will try downloading the setup file again (although I don’t use any download manager).

It worked, but only from the 3.2GB iso file (45201_DVD5_HALSonic_SE_Content_2.iso)
Thanks! :slight_smile: