Halion Sonic Se _Help

I have posted this request in the Sequel 3 forum but had no response.

Can anyone tell me how to use the multi program rack in Sonic Se.

I can assign the sounds to the various slots.
I can play, mix & assign to parts of the keyboard using the on screen keyboard (in Sonic) & mouse.
I can also move between slots using the up & down keys on the pc keyboard but can only get sound from slot 1 using my midi keyboard (Oxygen 61 Blue) or even using the onscreen keyboard in sequel3.

I have tried changing the global chanel on the keyboard but this doesn’t help

If I assign any of the other slot sounds to slot 1 I can play them but otherwise they are totally useless.

I’m sure I am missing the obvious but am a complete novice when it comes to midi & would appreceiate any help anyone can give me.

Thanks in advance