Halion Sonic SE - How to map a non GM sound to a MIDI program change

I have a midi track which has a MIDI program change message as the very first event.

The message causes Halion Sonic SE to load aGM sound number 66 (Alto Sax).

I would prefer this message to force Halion Sonic SE to load the ‘Bright Alto Sax NoteExp’ program from the Halion Sonic SE Artist content set instead.

I have attempted without luck to re-assign the GM Sound in the Media Bay for patch 66 to be the sound above.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can do this?

Many thanks,



In HALion Sonic SE, the Program Change MIDI Message always call the GM sounds. There is no way around. You can make your own sound set (and call them by using Program Changes) in HALion only.