Halion Sonic SE loads wrong instrument

I’ll try to explain this as best I can. Let’s say I have a kick drum, the “accented double bass” and grand piano already loaded in my project and they are working like they should. I want to load a synth and I select “Fusion Lead Synth” Sometimes what happens is that it loads one of the previous instruments instead. For example it might load the grand piano again. If I am not vigilant and catch this, once I start to make edits and EQ settings, it does so for both piano tracks as if I duplicated the track. I then have to delete to the new track and reload the Fusion Lead Synth again and make sure that the instrument field is blank so I can load it properly.

These instruments are just examples. It can happen with any combination of instruments, usually in Halion Sonic SE. I haven’t noticed if it happens with any of the others such as Spector. What can I do to solve this?