Halion Sonic SE missing libraries?

After loading Cubase 6 I went to Halion Sonic SE to check out rthe libraries and found none - only the dault sound First Contact. I loaded Halion symphonic orchestra trial, thats now there, but I thought there would be more default sounds?

Out of the box, do you get soudns with Halion Sonic SE ? I have not yet loaded the free trial of the full version.

Can some elighten me please?

You should have about 900 sounds available. They are grouped as Halion Sonic SE Artist, Halion Sonic SE basic, and Halion Sonic SE Pro. Are you trying to load “presets” at the top like in Halion One or “programs” in the program banks on the left column?

Thanks fort the reply Jaslan,

I hav e tried both methods I only have the Halion Symphonic stuff.

Solved: I reinstalled the library