Halion Sonic SE Multi-Timbral and Multi Output *Video*

Want to check out Halion Sonic SE in action?

Watch it here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUu5_yyl704

This video is an update from the Point Blank Online Cubase Course


Nice One!!

I’ll be honest I’ve been loading another instance, luckily never ran out of CPU so stayed working that way

but this way will save Computer power, seems you just need to be organised.

When I get my 6, gonna build a template with all this kind of stuff ready to go

Yeh, I actually really enjoy using the single instrument loaded on an instrument track approach myself. I like having the automation and midi data on the same track. I also enjoy the multi-timbral approach with multi-outputs - it’s more of an old school thing…

Great video, thank you!

I suppose that using the instrument as a multitimbral one, you lose the option to freeze one instrument only, right? How does it work?

As far as I can see it’s the same - yeh, you lose the ability to freeze. This is a disadvantage of multi-timbral, multi-output unless i’m missing something.

It’s another reason for the single instance of an instrument on an INSTRUMENT TRACK approach being better for some when composing.