Halion Sonic SE - New install problems

I have installed Cubase Artist 10.5 on my new Windows 10 PC but have experienced the following problems.
The PC is a HP Z2 G4 with an Intel i7, 16gb RAM, 512Gb SSD plus an additional 2TB HDD. The new Artist installation is solely on the SSD drive (C:) and all previous projects from my old PC are stored on the HDD (F:).

I used the most up to date versions of Download Manager, Library Assistant and Elicenser during the installation and used the default paths for all parts of the installation. The problems listed below have happened from when I first started Artist after the new installation.

It appears that there is a problem with HALion Sonic SE.

  1. On my new PC, when I open a project originally created on my old PC, I get the messages in pictures 1 and 2. After the project has opened, if I select a channel using Triebwerk, Dark Planet or Hypnotic dance, the instrument in the Inspector is shown as !!!Triebwerk!!! , !!!Dark Planet!!! etc as shown in picture 3. If I try to use the Edit Instrument button in the Inspector (for Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk, and Dark Planet) , I get the message in picture 4.
  2. If I select Halion Sonc SE as the instrument in the Inspector, I can then select any of the VST instruments such as Flux, Trip, Hypnotic Dance etc as shown in picture 5. However, if I then click on the Edit button in picture 6 none of the instruments show their own panel to change the parameters of the instrument.
  3. If I click on any of the presets for any of the instruments such as Flux, Triebwerk, Dark Planet (picture 5), they work and sound as normal when played by my Korg synth or the on-screen keyboard. If I create a new channel using HALion Sonic SE and select a preset (picture 5), the channel will not record anything played using that preset. On my old PC, HALion Sonic SE, Hypnotic Dance, Dark Planet and Triebwerk were all shown as available in the instrument box in the Inspector. However, on my new PC only HALion Sonic SE is shown.

In the Media Bay, all the Instruments and presets are present and I can click on any of the presets (picture 7) and the presets sound as normal when played through my Korg synth or the on-screen keyboard. All my licensed instruments and sound and loop libraries are present and all appear to be working normally in Media Bay only.

I have included pictures 8 – 17 to show the contents of folders on my new PC. There are numbers of differences in the contents of the same folders on my old PC although Cubase Artist 8 was initially installed on my old PC and updated through Artist 9 and 10 up to 10.5.

I don’t know if this is a separate problem but projects that I have created on my old PC cannot find any loops when I open them on my new PC. I have tried to use ‘Locate’ and ‘Search’ in the ‘Resolve missing files’ box but I have searched the whole of the C: (SSD) and F: (HDD) drives but it cannot find the loops. They are loops from the standard Cubase libraries which should be in the default places. The libraries are present in Media Bay and if I double click on a loop that a project should have loaded , it loads the loop into a new channel in the project.

I have also downloaded the stand alone Halion Sonic SE app. Again, all the presets are there and sound when played but when I hit the record button, it doesn’t record anything.

I have got a Steinberg support ticket reference but three and a half weeks later, I still waiting. Good job I’m not holding my breath ……
If anyone can give me the solution to this I’d be very grateful …. indeed ……!

… bump … please!!! … anyone??

the projects on your “old” PC were created with the dedicated VSTi Player versions of e.g. Triebwerk (see below)

Now you want to load the “old” project (with an old PlugIn-ID) into a new PC environment with HALion, HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE which have different PlugIn-IDs and therefore you’ll get error messages that the former dedicated PlugIns are untraceable.
Solution: Download the "Wrapper_VSTi_Player package below to simulate the existence of the “real” Player versions. A readme how to install can be found in the zip file.
Wrapper_VSTi_Player.zip (4.0 MB)

best regards
Gerrit Junge

Thanks Gerrit!
And … the solution worked and everything is functioning like it used to…