Halion Sonic Se or Halion 4 to buy?

I bought also a Symphonic Vst soundset for the Halion Sonic Se in Cubase
This soundset i do want to use again in one of the 2 Halions: Sonic / 4
But i do want also use a standalone version of Halion Sonic or Halion 4
Wha is the best choice?

Is there a upgrade offer to Halion Sonic from cubase ( i installed the trialversion )
Steinberg call this their premier VST workstation, so it is better than Halion 4 (newer ?)

Halion 4 is your best bet. It has 100% of what Halion Sonic offers, plus more of its own offerings. You lose nothing getting Halion 4 instead of Halion Sonic, only things to gain.


I will buy H4 yes
I only want to know if i can use my symphonic Vst for Halion Sonic SE/ Sonic also for Halion 4 ?

Yes you can.

i am happy with that , because it seems to be not working in the trial of Halion Sonic, but now i bought Halion 4 and it works